Diary of a Bald Woman, Part One: Purchasing “New Hair”

by guest blogger Jodi Pliszka, M.S., the world’s leading Solutionologist®

Purchasing a new wig can be very scary, especially if this if your first time. Don’t worry, I am here to help ease your apprehensions and share some stories to help you gain the confidence to pick out the wig that is best for you! When I first started losing my hair to alopecia, I was only 13 years old. By the age of 20, every bit of hair, over my entire body, was completely gone. I was devastated. I felt so lost and so angry at everyone and everything. I remember my mom suggesting that I needed to go “wig shopping” with her. I was very resistant and remember yelling at my mom, saying “wigs are for old ladies!” I was in denial and didn’t want to come to terms with the fact that my hair was really gone and that there wasn’t anything I could do about it. This denial makes it really hard for a lot of women to go shopping for a wig, to replace their beautiful, lost hair.

I was mortified when I stepped into my first wig shop, Les Wig Boutique. There were foam heads, painted with gaudy makeup, false eyelashes, and cheap synthetic “old lady wigs” sneering at me. I wanted to run outside and cry. There weren’t even any dressing rooms for me to try on the different styles, and I felt so exposed and naked, baring my bald head to others in the shop. I felt violated and humiliated. Needless to say, this wasn’t a positive memory for me. It’s amazing how times have changed and how online shopping has really helped women avoid a lot of the emotional angst that is caused by having to enter a wig shop and endure this process. My perception of “wig shopping” has really changed, though, in the past 28 years.

Purchasing a new wig is a very emotional decision for women because we are losing control of the situation before us. Many women feel that they are forced into societal conformity by having to cover their bare heads. Even though we can’t control our hair loss, be it due to alopecia, chemo, trichotillomania, or other disorders, we can control the way we react to this process. Wig websites are truly a gift from above for us all. They have explain the colors, styles, materials, cap options, and even offer accessories, like No Sweat® liners by Headline It!®, to help make wigs feel more comfortable. The process of researching and shopping for wigs online is very comforting and reassuring, allowing women to process their emotions, privately and discreetly.

Women can gain back control of their hair loss, by simply buying wig, which becomes your your “new hair.” I encourage women to use this terminology to empower themselves and take back control over their situation, whatever it may be. After all, it’s hair, it’s new, and it’s yours. So, be confident that you will find the right style, color, and fiber that is best for you and in your budget.

However, please remember that hair is just an extra piece of glamour for any women. Our true beauty comes from within and we should be judged by who we are and not by what we look like from the outside in. Don’t be afraid to try out a fancy new hat or comfy scarf or just go sans hair to mix it up a bit. Do what is right for you, not what others expect of you. You only have one life to live and–hair or no hair–make it the best life it can be. As I outline in my award-winning autobiography, Bald is Beautiful: My Journey to Becoming, try to turn your obstacles into opportunities and focus on your health and wellness. Remaining positive is the key to health and success. There is life after hair loss, and I’m sure that you’ll look great wearing a fun new hair style or color, or maybe you will find something that looks exactly like your hair, prior to losing it. Either way, keep the faith and always believe in yourself. Your attitude will inspire so many people, even if you aren’t aware of it.

Losing my hair helped me find who I am. It also helped me complete my Master’s degree and PhD work in psychology, to better help women, like myself. I was featured on countless TV shows, like Lifetime TV’s Health Corner, with my story on alopecia, and I was a top finalist on ABC’s American Inventor as the award-winning inventor of the patented No Sweat® liners by Headline It!®.

If you are looking for a little extra comfort under your wigs–as I always was doing–please try my No Sweat® liners by Headline It!®. My liners are made from a very soft, high-tech “wick wear” material that pulls sweat away from your head and traps oils, salts, and odors in the liner, not your wig. This allows you to wash your wigs less often, saving you money by extending the life of your wig. My liners also block wig fibers from irritating your scalp and help regulate your core body temperature, through hot flashes and cold moments.

Jodi Pliszka is the world’s leading Solutionologist®. She is the celebrated host of Ripley’s Believe It or Not Radio’s Weird Medical Maladies and the inventor of No Sweat® liners by Headline It!® Jodi is the award-winning author of Bald Is Beautiful: My Journey to Becoming and the Bella and Gizmo’s Adventures series. A clinical therapist and president/CEO of Pliszka’s Adventures, Jodi has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and countless other newspapers, magazines, and talk shows, sharing her alopecia story of Tragedy to Triumph. Jodi was a Top Finalist on ABC’s American Inventor and has been featured on Lifetime TV’S Health Corner, as well as NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC news and more. For more information about Jodi Pliszka, the Solutionologist®, please visit www.JodiPliszka.com or www.theSolutionologist.com.

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Especially Yours Coupon Codes

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No Sweat Wig Liners by Headline It!

Sweat can be an issue for many wig users in the summer because sweat can stain your wigs and leave oils, odors, and salt-stain residue behind. The more you sweat, the more you need to wash your wigs—and the quicker you are going to wear out your wig and have to buy a new one.

Don’t worry! There is a solution. No Sweat Wig Liners by Headline It! are the #1 wig accessory designed with high-tech wickwear that pulls sweat away from your head and into the liner. In fact, the liners retain four times their weight in sweat, which keeps your head cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

In addition, by trapping all of the oils, salts, and odors, you drastically reduce how often you need to wash your wigs, which saves you time and money. No Sweat Wig Liners by Headline It! are disposable, and each one can be used for 80 hours, or about 10-14 days of normal use.

No Sweat Wig Liners by Headline It! extend the life of your wigs and provide comfortable, no-slip coverage to keep your wig in place and scalp protected from the scratchy fibers that can poke through a wig’s cap.

Jodi Pliszka, M.S., an alopecia survivor of over 29 years, created No Sweat Wig Liners by Headline It! and was a top finalist on ABC’S American Inventor TV show and has been featured on Lifetime TV’S Health Corner, as well as programs on NBC, CBS, ABC, and other international media outlets. Jodi wrote the award-winning autobiography Bald is Beautiful: My Journey to Becoming, as well as the children’s books Bella and Gizmo’s Adventures, The Hairless Sphynx Cats, and Bella Gets a New Sweater, which help kids learn how to deal with differences like alopecia, cancer, braces, glasses, and more.

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Lace Front Wigs at Especially Yours Wigs for Black Women

Especially Yours wigs for Black women is proud to carry a fabulous selection of lace front wigs.

Lace front wigs are constructed using delicate lace material at the front, which creates a seamless, completely natural-looking hairline.

If you like to wear your hair off your face, lace front wigs allow for that styling versatility. Lace front wigs mimic how hair grows naturally, so no one will be able to detect that you’re wearing a wig…even up close!

Watch the video below from our partners at Paula Young to learn more about lace front wigs.

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#PlayingWithColor 2: All About Ombré Hair!

EY_OMBRE-2Especially Yours has beautiful wigs with ombré hair…the latest hairstyle trend that lets you keep #PlayingWithColor! The ombré hair effect has color graduating from light at the tips to dark at the roots and gives this on-trend style a super-chic finish.

You’ve seen beautiful black women like Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Raven-Symoné, Ciara, and Keke Palmer rocking hot, trendy ombré hair lately, and you can too!

Tracee Futura® Wig by Especially Yours® allows you to show off your flirty side in this cute crop-style cut. The side-swept, brow-skimming bangs frame the face. Volume on top and the tapered neck create a modern, feminine silhouette. The cool ombré hair effect has color graduating from light at the tips to dark at the roots and gives this on-trend style a super-chic finish. Permalift technology provides volume without adding weight. 100% Futura® heat-friendly synthetic fiber can “take the heat” with curling irons and heat tools up to 377˚F. Yaki texture adds visual interest and depth to the color. Extended neck allows more coverage of the nape of the neck so you can easily tuck away any stray hairs underneath.

Keshia Futura® Wig by Especially Yours® is a fun, flirty shoulder-length shag with side-swept, brow-skimming bangs that has happy written all over it. Long and wavy, feathery layers in front frame the face and neck and fall in a graduated V-shape just below the shoulders in back. The cool ombré hair effect has color graduating from light at the tips to dark at the roots and gives this on-trend style a super-chic finish. Permalift technology provides volume without adding weight. 100% Futura® heat-friendly synthetic fiber can “take the heat” with curling irons and heat tools up to 377˚F. Yaki texture adds visual interest and depth to the color. Extended neck allows more coverage of the nape of the neck so you can easily tuck away any stray hairs underneath.EY_OMBRE-2

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ey_#playingwithcolorHave you been #PlayingWithColor? Because we’ve certainly been ‪#‎PlayingWithColor‬!

Check out these hot ‪‎wig‬ styles in ‪‎cool‬ colors from brands like Red Carpet®, Motown Tress™, Foxy Lady™, Foxy Silver®, and Especially Yours®.

Daisy Lace Front Wig by Red Carpet® is a super-chic, color-changing style! This sleek, shoulder-length asymmetrical bob wig changes color–from black to purple–when you change your part from the right to the left and back again! The reversible, hand-tied M-part and a revolutionary design that layers contrasting sections of color makes it possible.

Chante Wig by Motown Tress™ is how modern curls–and color–are done! This great cut has fullness; a natural, springy texture; and a trendy shape. See how it updates your look and flatters your features.

Stella Wig by Motown Tress™ is a long, sleek, luxurious wig in heat-stylable synthetic that allows virtually endless styling options. And that color!

Jean Wig by Motown Tress™ Not too long. Not too short. Get head-turning volume in this gorgeous mid-length wig! This loosely curled style features a J-part lace front for a truly natural look.

Debut Wig by Especially Yours® Make your big debut! Let short layers frame your face in one of today’s sassiest styles. Just finger comb for great lines and a great look.

Rebecca Wig by Motown Tress™ Put your individuality on display and look photo-ready from every angle in this colorful wavy wig with windswept styling in front and in back.

Foxxy Wig by Motown Tress™ Look oh-so foxy in this short, wavy wig with face-framing sides and bangs. Play with style, and you’re #PlayingWithColor!

Carolyn Wig by Foxy Lady™ This beautiful medium cut has side-swept bangs, curved sides, and lovely for a natural and modern look. And check out that chic, totally on-trend rooted color!

Reid Wig by Foxy Silver® Wispy waves and soft bangs frame your face in a pretty look with a gamine appeal. Pure, ice-white color is available in this classy look.

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Especially Yours Specializes in Wigs for Black Women

At Especially Yours, we specialize in wigs for black women. Our extensive selection of African American wigs includes the brands you trust, the styles you want, and the features you know–like yaki texture, human hair, synthetic fibers, heat-friendly synthetics, lace fronts, and monofilament sections.

Our exclusive COOLCAP® wig collection is perfect for warm-weather months. The ultra-thin wefting and specialized construction allows air to circulate and wicks moisture away from your skin, allowing you to stay itch-free, cool, and dry all day long!

Diahann Carroll™ wigs, designed by pioneering, award-winning African American actress Diahann Carroll, feature classic, mature styles that radiate elegant beauty and charm like no other.

With our very own Especially Yours® wigs, you can get salon hair without the chair…time…or expense! With an array of stylish cuts, trendy shades, and versatile fibers and textures to choose from, Especially Yours® makes it beautifully easy to look and feel your best, for less!

From human hair wigs to weaves and extensions, the exclusive Wendy Williams™ Hair World™ collection was created in a gorgeous diversity of styles and custom colors–just like you!

With Wet ‘n’ Wavy wigs,  you get virtually limitless styling options! Wigs in the Wet ‘n’ Wavy collection are crafted of hair specially chosen for its curlability that reverts to soft curls and waves when sprayed generously with water. Blow the wig dry for a sleek, straight look. It’s no wonder these versatile styles are our best-selling collection!

In addition to these exclusive labels, we also carry popular African American wig brands like Foxy Lady™ wigs, Foxy Silver® wigs, Janet Collection™ wigs, Motown Tress™ wigs, Pazazz® wigs, Sherri Shepherd™ LUXHAIR™ wigs, SimiWeave™ extensions, Soul Tress® wigs, Vella Vella® wigs, and Vivica Fox Hair Collection wigs. And our offerings grow every month!


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Short Wigs, Long on Style

ey_shortEspecially Yours specializes in wigs for African American women.

Our short wigs are light and sporty and–most important of all–stylish!

Check out our styles for yourself. Feathered Pixie Wig by Sherri Shepherd™ LUXHAIR™, Debut Wig by Especially Yours®, Bianca Human Hair Blend Wig by Especially Yours®, and Nova Wig by Especially Yours® are among our most popular short wig styles.

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5 Lessons Sherri Shepherd Has Learned from Wearing Wigs

Sherri Shepherd, all-around funny lady and superstar wig designer, tells us the five things she’s learned from wearing wigs:

  1. Bond with your girls over wigs.
  2. You must WORK a wig and OWN it!
  3. Take a risk and try a style you’ve never had before.
  4. Take care of your wig.
  5. Protect and care for your natural hair.

Stop by our Sherri Shepherd™ LUXHAIR™ wig shop to find a bangin’ new ‘do!

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