Silver & Sexy: The New Way To Think About “Aging Gracefully.”

Years ago, women ran (oftentimes screaming) to their colorist upon finding their first gray hair. The immediate reaction was to cover that mess up. You see, back then, while men who had gray hair were considered “sexy” and “distinguished,” women were just considered, well, “old.”

Thankfully ladies, the times are changing! The latest head-turning trend for hair is gray. Women are embracing their gorgeous gray hair and seeing the true beauty in those sexy silver shimmers and that sophisticated style.

Join the growing trend of gray-haired divas like me! That’s right girls sometimes I set my Malania wig aside and go for graceful and gorgeous silver locks… thanks to my new Jamie wig by Foxy Silver. The color I chose is Deep Gray with Silver Ash and it’s absolutely perfect on me!

Let Especially Yours help YOU find YOUR sexy new silver wig today!

For more information on going gray, visit the Going Gray Blog also on Facebook under “Gray is the New Black

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One Response to Silver & Sexy: The New Way To Think About “Aging Gracefully.”

  1. Loretta Bond says:

    I love your women’s suits. Can you also start showing jewelry, please. I also love the jewerly your models have on.

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