Meet Our Colorista!

I am thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of the Especially Yours family… Jada.

Jada at our Color Studio

Jada is our colorista extraordinaire! She comes to us with a rare combination of high-fashion and high-tech experience to offer you the most amazing color palettes. From subtle to sensational. Dark to light. Cool to hot. She’s got a color that will bring out the fabulous in our innovative cuts, fibers and blends… and your face.

Whether you’re looking for blonde extensions, red weaves or chestnut wigs, we have the hue that’s right for you!


P.S. I recently came across the article below about dimensional hair coloring and thought you may enjoy taking a peek!


Dimensional hair color with a twist!

During my years of working behind the chair in the salon, I’ve learned hair and fashion should always complement one another but recently a new approach to dimensional hair coloring has altered my thinking. Dimensional hair color is offering new twists and turns that are stirring up the pot, making hair color extremely exciting!

Dimensional hair color has made significant shifts recently. The range of end results still span from classy to funky, but the quality of inconsistency is an unexpected look to modern hair color, similar to the miss-match of fashion in recent years.  Today, in fashion as well as in hair color, expected color coordination just doesn’t look modern. To illustrate this, imagine a red-headed woman, wearing a taupe colored suit, carrying a rich green colored handbag. Not matchy-matchy right? The bright green is the “surprise” element.

As a make-up artist as well as a hair colorist, I take complementary color very seriously and I love this fresh, new creative theme about dimensional hair color happening today. Everyone can get a custom look with a twist — fabulous!

In my earlier salon days, hair color was applied in a neat, proper, organized manner without any surprises. Surprises were considered “bad.” Now, I intentionally add the element of surprise, depending of course on the personal taste of the client in the chair.

I can also use a more subtle approach to a client’s dimensional color. She may not be able to identify what is different, but knows that something has changed about her hair color that makes it new and exciting.

Making hair color changes more vibrant and dynamic is vital to anyone spending time and money in the salon. Even the most conservative clients like change once in a while, even if it’s a tiny bit every now and then. This can be done with one all-over color or with highlights/lowlights.

Whether doing dimensional hair color, changing a client from brown to blonde or blonde to brunette, covering grey hair or doing corrective coloring, the results with new hair coloring techniques just keeps getting better and better. I love what I do and I’m more excited doing hair color now than ever!

[The author, Daisy, is a hair colorist & stylist in Malibu & Santa Monica California specializing in dimensional color, highlights and hair color correction plus modern, personalized and balanced haircuts.]

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