Who is Serena?

Hey there, girlfriends…

I’ve been blogging for quite a while now, but I’ve never really introduced myself (how rude!).

So, who is this Serena anyway?!

I’m the Especially Yours blogger and fashionista extraordinaire. I’m also a die-hard wig wearer. I’m always looking to change up my style. Long, straight hair one day and short curly hair the next, I love the attention a dramatic new looks brings!

The goal of this blog is to share the latest and greatest tips and trends with you. I hope you enjoy the read!

Especially Yours,

P.S. Girls, don’t hate. I know the lack of postings lately is probably driving you crazy. But you know how life gets sometimes… But I’m back on track and ready to take on the trends! Stop by often and check out the latest in glam styles.

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