Perfect Prom Hairstyles

Your dress is hanging in the closet. Shoes and purse placed gingerly at its side. Makeup and nail appointments are scheduled. Now all you need to do is to figure out one little thing… How are you going to wear your hair?

Don’t worry. Especially Yours has wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions that will match your prom look perfectly! Check out these styles – from romantic and classic to bold and trendy – that are perfect for prom night.

And please don’t forget, your most important accessory is a great smile – so have fun and be safe!

Spiral Curls
Winifred Wig by Especially Yours

Feminine spiral curls take on a modern attitude in a layered, angled ‘do. A great tousled look that’s longer on the sides, shorter in the back with a clean nape. Curly bangs accentuate your eyes; full, rounded top.

Colorful Coifs or Trendy Tresses
Zelda Human Hair Blend Wig by Especially Yours

A modern, shorter bob with bangs. Subtly flipped ends. Side pieces curve into cheekbones. Rounded top is silky-sleek. Purple highlights add a splash of glam.

Sleek & Straight
Human Hair Debut Wig by Especially Yours

This flattering 100% human hair style looks just like its synthetic counterpart, but is even more versatile. Wear it sleek, blow it full or add curls!

Cascading Ponytails
Glitz Hairpiece by Especially Yours

Slip on a cascade of layered strands. This long, flowing hair piece offers instant results… simply secure the hairpiece with the attached drawstring and you’re ready to go.

Curly Headband by Especially Yours

Long, flowing spirals drape beautifully from a stylish headband. Wear in front or behind your hairline for a secure and comfortable fit.

Hair Accessories
Chiffon Flower Hair Pin
A special occasion calls for a special finishing touch… This ruffled chiffon blossom with a hint of silver sparkle can be clipped into your hair or wig or even pinned onto a dress or jacket lapel (it features both a clip and a safety pin closure on back).

Blunt Bob
Nakia Wig by Especially Yours

Today’s elegance at its best. A sleek, straight, side-swept bob curve around your face…is ahead of the curve in trendy, asymmetrical styling.

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