Willow Smith Debuts New Bald Look

Willow Smith is no stranger to bold hairstyles, but her newly cropped hair may be her most daring style yet.

The “Whip My Hair” star posted a few photos of her hair transformation on her WhoSay account, but this isn’t the first time Willow has made a dramatic hair change. When Willow was nine years old, she cut her hair into a half-shaven style.

Willow’s mom Jada Pinkett Smith said, “I’ll never forget her sitting in that chair and watching that hair fall off. She transformed right before my eyes and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness,'” said Jada. “For Willow to stand there and say, ‘I’m Willow Smith and this is me,’ what more could you give a little girl? And I learned that lesson from my mother, because that’s what she gave me.”

What are your thoughts about Willow’s new ‘do? Share them in the comments section!

Source: Essence
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4 Responses to Willow Smith Debuts New Bald Look

  1. KATHY says:

    I dont like it at all. She looks like a boy, and its too drastic a style for a girl her age. I hope other girls her age do not imitate her with this! It’s all right to “be yourself”, but at that age, she doesn’t even know what that is yet. Jada, let the child grow up first, before you have a MJ on your hands talking about “I never had a childhood”!

  2. I think that Jada is doing a fine job by allowing her daughter Willow to be as creative as she imagine herself to be as long as it’s not hurting herself or any one eles. Her creativity defines her and allows her to be different and stand out among the rest.
    You go girl!! Willow don’t change! you are beautiful just the way are.

    • Jessica says:

      That was cute. When I was being silly and whippin my “head” back in furtoh I felt like I had been in a car accident the next day. I won’t do that again. ;-/

    • Josephine Fennell says:

      What I think does not matter. If Willow is comfortable in her own skin, great!!! Whether or not you have much hair, little or no hair, it does not define who you are. It is a wonderful lesson to learn at such a tender age, that your hair or externals do not define who you are; rather, it is a condition of the heart! Love ya, be blessed family and make God the Center of your lives!!!!

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