Sneak Peek of Harlem 125

Nancy (L) & Pia (R)

The official site launch of Harlem 125 is Tuesday, August 2nd – one week before the Especially Yours’ catalog begins to arrive in your mailboxes. But to hold you over until then, here is a special sneak peek of some upcoming styles!


The Kim Wig (shown left) is a part of Harlem 125’s new “Air Collection”.  The Air Collection is 27% lighter than standard wigs.  It is also easy to style- no comb, no brush…no problem! Just use your fingers.

Let’s not forget 3 new “Lace Down” synthetic styles.  They feature uniquely designed lace netting that gives a natural hairline.

Can’t get enough Harlem 125? Visit our Facebook page for more photos!

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