The Faux Bob

From Black Voices First Lady Michelle Obama is known for constantly switching up her outfits, and lately she’s been mixing things up with her hair. Since President Barack Obama was elected we’ve seen the First Lady in bobs, buns and chic ponytails, but at the “Joining Forces” panel she faked us out with her faux bob. She didn’t make the big chop but with a few pins and a round brush, she had us convinced she snipped a few inches.

Growing up, I constantly tried to mimic the faux bob like Mrs. Obama, but it never came out right.  There was always that one strand of hair that didn’t want to stay in place, especially with layered hair. I’ve finally said, bye-bye to bobby pinning my hair together and hello to short wigs.  Everyone’s beauty arsenal should include one! My current style of choice is the Hair Envy Human Hair Wig. Which style is yours?

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