Diahann Carroll Styles

In a blog post last month, I mentioned how much I admire Diahann Carroll. She has always taken the lead in style- whether it be on stage or on the big screen. And as a cancer survivor and activist, she’s such an amazing example of strength and perseverance.  She recently introduced three new classic styles to her growing collection– Carlie, Sammy, and Valerie. If you love her classic styles as much as I do, take advantage of our current offer of 30% off the Karol Wig and channel your inner-Diahann Carroll.

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  1. DR. Rosemary Gage says:

    I receive e-mails from Especially Yours , all the time, and over the yrs. I was trying to put 2 pairs. of shoes on the wish list until I finished shopping, I was asked to give my e-mail and password , it’s been a long time , so I don’t recall the password , when I clicked I don’t remember , I rec’d a message we do not have a password for for you !
    I am puzzled , how do you send me e-mails if I am not in your files ??? I don’t recall my password , it’s been a long time since I used it !

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